Lifi: Internet using light

Imagine using your car headlights to transmit data or surfing the web safely on a plane, tethered only by a line of sight. Yes. You read it correctly, Professor Harald Hass has developed a new prototype that uses just three components to justify his claim: a LED light, a solar panel and a display device/screen.

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Bladeless Wind Turbine

Energy created by conventional three-blade wind turbines is cheap, sustainable and pollution-free. But according to current estimates, the devices’ fast-moving blades kill up to 300,000 birds annually in the U.S. and roughly similar numbers in other parts of the globe. That could change with a bladeless wind converter called Saphonian, designed by Tunisian engineer Anis […]

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Escape Capsule for Civilian Aircrafts

Vladimir Tatarenko, a Ukrainian aeronautical engineer has proposed a new safety system for civil aircraft’s. The safety module is an escape capsule equipped with parachutes that activates at the push of a button. This capsule has been previously tested in cargo planes and changes are being made to apply this system to civilian airplanes. The engineer, […]

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Quick guide to choose the apt smartband

They are leading the charge of the wearables. No, not smartwatches, as many had predicted, but the much simpler smartbands. Ranging from straps with small core units to calculate the distance travelled, to the more complex watch-like designs that replicate some of the functionality of smartwatches, smartbands are rapidly becoming popular—not just among fitness enthusiasts […]

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Helion- solar powered phone charger


HeLi-on is a revolutionary gadget in the mobile phone charger category. It is the first solar powered phone charger based thin film polymer solar cell technology. This (thin film polymer solar cell) technology has been in research and development for the past 15 years and many positive results have been obtained, it has also found many applications due to its versatility and flexibility.

The gadget is manufactured by a Danish company, called infinityPV. The CEO, Frederik C. Krebs, is one of the most renowned scientists in the field, with more than 400 publications in scientific journals. This product is truly a fusion of modern science with a useful application. HeLi-on will provide an outstanding contribution to the world of the mobile chargers, looking just as a battery charger, but giving so much more.

This gadget is very handy, it comes with roll out type thin film polymer solar cell, a 2600 mAh battery and a standard type usb charger cable to plug into your phone. Your phone gets fully charged in 2-3 hrs and the charging time for the gadget’s battery is also not that long, all tyat it needs to get recharged is decent sunlight!

The product will be launched on Kickstarter on November 9th, with a starting price of $90 for the white edition, including solar panels, a 2600 mAh battery, and free international shipping.


More information about infinityPV can be found and Additional resources are available at 

infinityPV ApS
Bagsværdvej 147B,
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
(+45) 65 74 78 82

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